PR Proposal for Student Equality. Part 1


Group of students take lead to provide designated areas for students who use tobacco.

BCC students begin strong aspirations to provide the needed resources that the institution lacks for both professors and students alike, who are tobacco users.


The institution’s Tobacco-Free College Policy states “Bristol Community College shall be a tobacco-free campus. The use of tobacco is prohibited within college buildings, walkways, in college or state fleet vehicles, and on college owned property, not otherwise leased to another organization. This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, contractors, vendors, and visitors at ALL college locations”

The apparent reality is that students are smoking in front of nonsmokers practically every day at the institution. The action is done inside of the college buildings blowing the smoke outdoors through the side doors, where students walk in. Also, smoking is often done in walkways where the town bus meet with students, if an observer has a close eye he or she will notice the usage of tobacco products on college owned property.

If the institution cares about the safety of their students, they will reconsider their “Tobacco-Free” College Policy. As a nonsmoker, I am affected practically every day, my health is at risk. Might as well create an alternative for smokers, where the nonsmokers are more likely to feel safe and away of second hand smoke.

The determined group of individuals both smokers and nonsmokers unite in order to provide the resources for everybody at the campus, at all times.

Currently, the group is interviewing students at random and asking their opinions about having the needed designated area for smokers and other smoking related questions. Data is being accumulated this week.  The next move of the group is to get Roger Williams University & UMass Dartmouth human resource department opinion for they allow their student to smoke in designated areas. Furthermore we like to make our movement known to social media via facebook and twitter for students to realize the need for dramatic change at the comfort of their own home that Bristol Community College should soon consider. Doing so, we would further record a 30 second radio commercial and finally a written letter and proposal for the President at BCC and other establishment authoritarians just looking for their response.

Exams and the holiday season is coming up, stress is at an all-time high this time of the year. We understand student aren’t exactly 100% comfortable with their financial situation either, which is primarily a reason why they come to community college because it’s just more affordable for the student. Stress can be contagious, some students and professors use tobacco products to minimize their stress, to some it works.

Students who wish to smoke must do it in their car, which some student might not even have the royalty of having their own car. Some people smoke off of Elsbree St, right off the campus. It is a depressing site as they are out casted from the school facing traffic, facing the potential applicants who drive by BCC all the time who might apply but change their mind because the drivers who drive by BCC constantly sees outcasts. The area is not social and not safe as they are breathing in car fumes also. These designated smoking areas can make it extremely social and attractive to smokers, as nonsmoker feel a better sense of safety and that their institution cares for them, especially if some students pay their own health coverage through the institution.

We are not encouraging smoking by any means. Adults should not be treated as a child and feel restricted. They should have a choice to smoke on campus on their free time. It is just obvious that something needs to be done, and it will!





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Father & K9


As the years go by, the hairs turn grey. The man you idolized as a child becomes human.

Twas my early teen years when my parents decided to buy our first dog in the middle of a rough winter, a Jack Russel Terrier.The purpose was to keep my younger brother company when everyone was occupied with their endeavors. We wanted to show my brother great love and attention. The plan backfired on the whole household.

At first, the dog was viscous to everybody. He was a young JR but he was unforgiving. He was caged for countless hours due to punishment but that made everything worst. He would rip everything in sight, and bite members of the household. The attention was quickly beginning to get hostile. In order to change the dogs behavior we waited for the winter to clear up and go for countless walks. My father was the one who would do most of the walking and k9 bonding. Everybody in the house still had their endeavors, even my father but he found time right after working construction for endless hours, being a middle aged man where everyone in the house would be too afraid to spend time with Russel, the JR. There were countless talks how we should return the dog, he had a yeast infection too which didnt help.

The walking was beginning to help though, my dog and father were finally at peace together. He showed my brother and I that man can tame beasts, man can overcome his scariest any situation without any help. As the dog stopped being so vicious and wasnt as sheltered, my brother and I began to love Russel exponentially. Eventually, getting another dog named Snowflake, a French Maltese. The family began to love dogs.

As time went on, I graduated high school and beginning to encounter real life situations, eventually moving out for an unexpected amount of time. As my brother is now in high school spending his time justifiably with his peers and school load, my father spends even more time with the K9s. I never see my dad as much peace as he is in when he is with my dogs.He becomes a kid a heart, a baby even.

Don’t let man’s ego destroy the expectations of gratitude you can achieve with a k9 in need. Also to man, dont become controlled by society and their expectations of how man doesnt need animal to feel prosperous. “Dog is mans best friend.” We need them and they will forever need us. We teach dogs, and dogs teach us. Love is not a weakness. Love is a growing transition between two souls, K9s have souls. We can intertwine and love each other. Love is not a weakness, but a way of life.

Thank you Dad for making me realize this, the beauty and power to love in a cut throat world.

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We Must Reflect


As a Rhode Island native, it is truly commendable to perhaps have the opportunity to continue my education in this beloved state. To even have the opportunity to further my education and attend college is truly remarkable. I am proudly the first male in my ancestry to attend college. Both my mother and father came from Portugal in the mid-20th century. My mother went to CCRI to receive her certificate in Phlebotomy, and my father pursued being a contractor, eventually opening a business. With very little savings under their name, and lack of support from their unjustified families they still managed to capture their opportunity to succeed.

As the present becomes the past, there are many lessons to be matriculated to construct a reforming future. Throughout my childhood and high school experience I have played football yearly since a very early age. I also played other sports such as track, wrestling, basketball, and a series of martial arts. I loved science, music and English courses growing up. As I am contributing to society being a young adult, I am now beginning to realize my work ethic comes from my strong-hearted father, as it translates into my academic work and goals and my personal prolong desire for a higher education was inherited through my mother.

Family comes first because of the wisdom, and everlasting nurture they provide. Education establishes a strong structure of enlightenment. That is the primary guidelines I live under, everything else is temporary.



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