We Must Reflect


As a Rhode Island native, it is truly commendable to perhaps have the opportunity to continue my education in this beloved state. To even have the opportunity to further my education and attend college is truly remarkable. I am proudly the first male in my ancestry to attend college. Both my mother and father came from Portugal in the mid-20th century. My mother went to CCRI to receive her certificate in Phlebotomy, and my father pursued being a contractor, eventually opening a business. With very little savings under their name, and lack of support from their unjustified families they still managed to capture their opportunity to succeed.

As the present becomes the past, there are many lessons to be matriculated to construct a reforming future. Throughout my childhood and high school experience I have played football yearly since a very early age. I also played other sports such as track, wrestling, basketball, and a series of martial arts. I loved science, music and English courses growing up. As I am contributing to society being a young adult, I am now beginning to realize my work ethic comes from my strong-hearted father, as it translates into my academic work and goals and my personal prolong desire for a higher education was inherited through my mother.

Family comes first because of the wisdom, and everlasting nurture they provide. Education establishes a strong structure of enlightenment. That is the primary guidelines I live under, everything else is temporary.



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Rhode Island Born&Raised Enlightened Intellectual.
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