John Wick – Review


A film like “John Wick” displays what a true protagonist is. It displays a heroic suspenseful drama and makes us think about how cruel people can be. It also gives the impression to be careful who you antagonize.

“John Wick” is played by Keeanu Reeves. Wick is an ex-assassin who returns from retirement to pursue the New York gangsters who killed his dog. The dog was a parting gift from his wife Helen. She is believed to die of cancer in the beginning of the film.

Five years ago, Wick was an expert assassin often working for Viggo Tarasov, Russian mob boss. He then fell in love with Helen. Wick’s relationship with Helen made him decide to retire from being in the Russian mob. Due to her death of “cancer”, her parting gift was a beagle named Daisy

The gangsters meet Wick for the first time at a New York gas station. The gangsters are led by Iosef, Tarasaov’s son. They attempt to negotiate for Wick’s car. Wick laughs at their attempt and drives away. The same night, Iosef brought henchmen to Wick’s home where they broke in, beat Wick, stole his car and killed Daisy.

The next night a group of a dozen henchmen breaks in and attempts to kill Wick. They don’t succeed. The henchmen lost a gunfight with Wick. A police officer knocks on the door of Wick’s home after receiving a phone call from one of Wick’s neighbors. The police officer notices dead thugs lying across the living room floor. “You workin’ again?” the police officer asks. “No,” Wick replies, “I’m just sorting stuff out.” The police officer smiles and says, “O.K., John, Goodnight.”

Keanu Reeves is back in a leading role. At 50 years old, 20 years after his movie “Speed” which started his Hollywood career, more than a decade since his leading role in the Matrix Trilogy as Neo, it’s no surprise he’s not the star he once was. When it comes to getting offers from major studio films, Reeves says he’s no longer the one. “It sucks, but it’s just the way it is,” the actor told in an interview.

Viggo is immediately notified that Wick is back from retirement. He is shocked that his son angered his “greatest hit-man”. “He’s the one who killed the “Boogeyman,” Viggo says. For his safety and the safety of his son, Viggo hires 2 assassins, a skilled sniper named Marcus and a skilled fighter named Perkins. They both don’t succeed. Marcus is caught by Viggo for helping Wick and is killed by Viggo. Perkins gets her mob card revoked after disobeying the “Cardinal” rule. She is killed by mob leaders in a shooting.

Halfway through the film, Viggo tells Wick, “By the way, your wife’s cancer? I gave it to her.” Wick gets his revenge on Iosef and his gang members after a gunfight at a high security hide out. Viggo fails to escape in his helicopter, he engages in a knife fight with Wick. Wick is the successor.

Given the circumstances, the film is much more than a story of a group of guys who kills someone’s dog. It is about the characterization of the protagonist Wick. The film is packed with extremely well-choreographed gun fights and fighting scenes throughout, leaving the film-goer in constant suspense. What can you expect when the film was directed by two veteran stuntmen, David Leitch and Chad Stahelski? They both have worked with Reeves in the past.

“”John Wick” is otherwise very efficient and will restore your faith in both Keanu Reeves and the genre,” said Brett Arnold of Business Insider.

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Local Dancing Talent!

Have you ever seen somebody dance so freely and passionately within the heart of Bristol Community College in Fall River, Massachusetts? Chances are, it’s Mr. Daniel Washington.

“Dan is an incredible dancer, and very approachable to anybody on campus. If BCC is looking for an ideal student to show off, it should be Dan. He’s got talent, drive, determination, a good head on his shoulders and a big heart. There is no doubt in my mind Dan will make it one day. No shadow of doubt,” said Mark Souza, an inspiring film maker and student. “Dan has taught me to be myself.”

Daniel Washington embarked in a dancing lifestyle embracing his family roots. “At 14 I was dancing with my older brother in a Jamaican style dancing group,” Washington stated. He then began his independent journey. He danced for a “krump” dancing group, a wild energetic style of dancing. His current group is Urban Koncept, a local breakdancing team.

“The key emotions vary when I dance, between happiness, anger, and pain. A spirit comes over you,” Washington said.

Recalling from a class experience Washington and Souza had together; Washington was challenged to show off his dancing abilities in front of his college class mates by their Professor, after he ensured to his Professor he wanted to major in dance. “Without hesitation he jumped at the opportunity to show what he has to offer and it surprised the hell out of me,” Souza added.

Besides dance, Dan has participated in the theatre program here at Bristol Community College for the past three years. “I was once asked for an autograph after a play one day. The mother of an extreme fan, a young teenage daughter thanked me after the show,” Washington stated.

“The hours upon hours of time I’ve seen him put in work at the gym just dancing only to follow that up by not letting his theater family down, by making it to rehearsals until countless hours of the night, you know his dedication is unmatched and if every student at BCC had half the dedication, and determination Danny had, graduation rate would be through the roof and BCC would be a staple of all Community College,” said Souza, commenting on Dan’s work ethic.

Michael Jackson and the Les Twins were his major inspirations growing up. “Now repetitive mainstream dancing are breeding drones,” Dan commenting on the concept of individuality in current dance structures.

Although being a profound self-taught dancer, he enjoys teaching others. Dan has taught two workshops at Artistic Dance Studio, located 657 Quarry St, Fall River, and interested in continuing teaching in the near future. Dan also likes to donate his time tutoring math to BCC students in B building.

BCC has allowed exposure of Washington’s dancing abilities to the community. “The school has helped me break out my shell,” Washington said. “I’ve been in billboards and my face on buses for this school,” Washington stated, upon how BCC has affected his life. He has high respect for the teachers and administrators.

Dancing has been Washington’s way of expressing himself throughout the years. “Self-expression is the most important thing in the world, the hardest test in life is how to express yourself.” Washing said.

Also Washington quoted Step Up 3, a 2010 dance film directed by Jon M. Chu “One move can change a whole generation.” “The smallest gestures mean everything. Building character is an endless joy,” Washington added. Don’t forget in your everyday lives, only you have the ability to fully express yourself. Don’t let others dictate your character.


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We Must Reflect


As a Rhode Island native, it is truly commendable to perhaps have the opportunity to continue my education in this beloved state. To even have the opportunity to further my education and attend college is truly remarkable. I am proudly the first male in my ancestry to attend college. Both my mother and father came from Portugal in the mid-20th century. My mother went to CCRI to receive her certificate in Phlebotomy, and my father pursued being a contractor, eventually opening a business. With very little savings under their name, and lack of support from their unjustified families they still managed to capture their opportunity to succeed.

As the present becomes the past, there are many lessons to be matriculated to construct a reforming future. Throughout my childhood and high school experience I have played football yearly since a very early age. I also played other sports such as track, wrestling, basketball, and a series of martial arts. I loved science, music and English courses growing up. As I am contributing to society being a young adult, I am now beginning to realize my work ethic comes from my strong-hearted father, as it translates into my academic work and goals and my personal prolong desire for a higher education was inherited through my mother.

Family comes first because of the wisdom, and everlasting nurture they provide. Education establishes a strong structure of enlightenment. That is the primary guidelines I live under, everything else is temporary.



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